Our Story

Our mission
  • Create a healthy, functional sugar free iced tea's as an alternative to the sugary drinks that fill our grocery stores.
  • Help crush cravings by adding MCT oil, electrolytes and prebiotic fibre to all of our products.
  • Be cool to the environment. Our cans are made from 70% recycled materials.
Why was Phat Tea started in the first place?
In the summer of 2017 I was standing at the beverage fridge in my local grocery store looking for something delicious and refreshing, but without any sugar. I looked through Kombucha, iced tea's, and cold pressed juices but once I looked at the nutrition panel all I saw was 10, 15 or even 20g of sugar!
 I went home, ordered a bunch of ingredients and started to try and figure out a formula for a healthy iced tea that didn't have to compromise on taste. Fast forward 8 months, through trial and error (mostly error), working with food scientists and flavour-houses, we locked down the recipe and got to work making our first batch.
The process for the first year (2018) was almost 100% manual as we didn't have the volumes or the cash to move to a contract manufacturer. We made as much as would could at a local food and beverage incubator facility and then hit the road and to sell Phat tea to local retailers in Toronto, that we are lucky to be still working with today.
In December 2018 the incubator facility went suddenly went bankrupt. It was pretty scary at the time because we had less than a month to figure out what do to, but in hindsight it was the best thing that could have happened as it forced us to make the leap and move to a co-manufacturing facility.
Since then we have established distribution across Canada, won listings in over 400 stores across the country!
In 2020 we transitioned from bottles to cans to make Phat Tea more affordable, more environmentally friendly and made the switch to use only certified organic tea in all of our products.
We asked our followers on social media what they would want next and the message was clear. Sparkling Iced Tea. So, we went and made them! We launched two sparkling products in 2021 so whether you like bubbles or not we've got you covered!
The Statistics that we want to change
Our health is our #1 asset and with what is happening in the world right now that fact has become crystal clear. We need our immune systems to be operating at 100% and since sugar suppresses its response we are more eager than ever to get Phat Tea into people's hands as an alternative.
  • 1 in 10 people in North America are diabetic.
  • Drinking one sugar sweetened beverage a day increases diabetes risk by 26%.
  • Sugar sweetened drinks account for 7% of North American grocery bills.

Every can of Phat Tea sold is another step towards that goal, so grab a case and join the journey :)