Frequently Asked Questions

When was Phat Nutrition started?

Phat Nutrition was started back in 2017 because we came across two problems with beverages we saw in grocery stores:

1. Pretty much everything is chock full of sugar.

2. If you find something that doesn't have any sugar it's normally either artificially sweetened or doesn't really taste great


What is Phat Tea?

Phat Tea is a better for you iced tea with MCT oil and electrolytes to help you hydrate and kick your sugar habit. MCT’s are lightning fast metabolizing fats that can help curb sugar cravings, give your brain a boost and help you use fat as an energy source more easily. 


Why did we name it Phat Tea?

There’s three main reasons we chose Phat as our brand name:

  1. It’s a play on the word fat as a reference to the healthy fats from MCT included in our iced tea. 
  2. Fat was unjustly demonized for years while the low fat mania was going on. Products were removing fat from products like yogurt, cereal and dressings and replacing it with sugar. We think that was a terrible call so we did the opposite and took the sugar out of iced tea, added healthy fats and put PHAT right in our brand name.
  3. Phat was a slang word that meant “cool” in the 90’s when our founder was growing up and that’s what iced tea was missing. It wasn’t “cool”. It was either sugary, syrupy tea concentrate in a neon coloured can or a bottle that your grandad would drink out of nostalgia. Phat Tea was made to reinvent iced tea, modernize it and capture that intangible essence of just being a cool product.



What's the mission behind the company?

Making the beverage aisle in every grocery store a healthier place to shop, one delicious drink at a time.


What makes Phat Tea unique?

One of the few beverage companies in Canada that use Monkfruit Juice as a sweetener rather than the cheaper alternatives. It gives us the ability to have a better tasting product with a cleaner ingredient list.

First MCT infused beverage product to hit the Canadian market

Badass ingredients without the scary price tag


Why MCT oil?

MCT oil is a type of fat that metabolizes very quickly and is linked to increases in energy and brain function. It also increased the viscosity(thickness) of Phat Tea giving it a unique mouthfeel and taste.


How is it sweetened?

Our main sweetener is Monk Fruit Juice. It’s a syrup that comes from the Monkfruit, which is a melon seen mainly in Asia. The syrup is 20-30 times sweeter than sugar so it can be used without added calories or sugar to the product. We also use the tiniest amount of stevia to balance out the flavour profile. Monkfruit has a vegetable taste, stevia has a star anise type flavour and together they balance each other out really well.


Why did you add Pink Salt?

Pink Salt is the best way to add a natural source of electrolytes to your beverages. We add a finely ground pink salt to add hydration benefits to Phat Tea. Pink Salt contains 84 different trace minerals and is fantastic for people on ketogenic diets, intermittent fasting or anyone doing a lot of exercise.


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